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Chaos is about to descend on this chunk of dirt and metal in the universal outback. 


The outcome of one love story will determine the fate of our world. Two lovers, David, a noted Astronomer, and Olivia, the Astrologer of a popular radio show, Venus The Love Show, must get past an infidelity and bridge their philosophical divide. Only a child conceived by this pair will have the vision to unite the opposing factions of Science and Religion that plague our civilization. 


Fortunately, cosmic help is on the way. The dynamic Immortal Trio, sexy and in-charge Aphrodite and her two bumbling sidekicks, gorgeous wannabe songwriter Apollo, and horny, alcoholic Cupid, create hilarious havoc while trying to fix things. 


The Immortals have only three days to reunite Olivia and David and “plant the seed”, or Chaos will blow Terra Firma, into oblivion.


The clock is ticking.

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